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Euda = Workplace Wellbeing

The standard is there to break, isn’t it? Euda is creating a MOVEMENT, changing Wellbeing and Growth at Work. 

Australia’s most engaging workplace wellbeing tech-led solution. Created by a team of global experts in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience & Culture. We combine tech with engaging content, tools and a human centred approach to drive growth. 

Mobile App

So, you’re looking for the most engaging way to support the growth and development of your people? Our Native App gets people enthusiastic about personal development with evidence-based tools, top-quality courses, meditations and more.

Wellbeing Management Software

Intuitive dashboard for accessing insights, surveys, content and more to facilitate growth. Support your people and identify when they need help. 


Our mission is to revolutionise the way businesses approach employee wellbeing and development. Creating cultures where people thrive.

Team Workshops

In person workshops & strategy sessions delivered by wellbeing, leadership and growth experts. Customised to your unique needs and goals. 


Empower your people to excel in their roles and drive growth. We make e-learning more effective with premium online training courses. 


Growth starts with mindset. The ultimate goal of positive psychology is to help people flourish. Developing resilience, presence and flow. Read More


We are on a mission to make personal development accessible and engaging. Invest in the personal growth of your people, and your organisation will grow with them. Read More


Self-leadership is essential for leadership development, increasing ownership and confidence and staying relevant for the future of work. Read More

complete wellbeing solution

A purpose built solution, created for the urgent and dynamic needs of the new world. Our combined offering has proven engagement rates, and will significantly impact mental wellbeing, personal growth and culture. 

iOS & Android

Mobile App

Wellbeing Management


Creating Cultures of Growth


Drive Meaningful Change


creating impact for innovative organisations

Reimagining wellbeing and professional growth

Available on all platforms

Combining our native app, software, tools and courses with in person workshops. This always on, holistic solution gets results. 

Expert courses and content

We create ongoing, premium courses and content to help your teams flourish. Focusing on preventative and growth led approaches. 
EAP therapy options are limited –  not everyone needs to speak to a psychologist, and prevention is better than the cure. 

Psychological Safety

Managing psychosocial risks has never been more important. ISO 45003 is the first global standard giving practical guidance on managing psychological health and safety in the workplace, and psychosocial risk.

achieve more with euda

We combine in person workshops with world class courses. Facilitating growth through self-efficacy, presence, connection, meaning, health and accomplishment. 

A measurable impact

Absenteeism and presenteeism alone can account for 7% of wage costs. And the “ripple effect” that affects leaders, staff, and peers, is estimated to account for an additional 9% of time.

By addressing these costs, even by just 10%, there could be up to $860K benefit per 1,000 employees and a 17x return on investment.

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A complementary strategy session with a Euda Leader – to identify your vision, goals and map out a growth journey.