An Intro to Mindfulness and Flow Through Creative Workshops

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Flow is a mental state of focused attention so intense that it does not allow us to have cognitive bandwidth left for anything else. Informal mindfulness is the practise of weaving mindfulness into existing routines through engaging in mindful moments and bringing mindful awareness to everyday tasks. It is a tool which can be used to reduce stress and boost wellbeing both for coaching clients […]

The Full On Overview of Mindfulness

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Since its introduction to the mainstream western medicine and society in the late 70’s, mindfulness has received considerable scholarly attention.

Aussie Tech Start-up Launches World First Solution to Measure and Increase Wellbeing

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Aussie funded tech start-up Euda, launched a world first solution during COVID-19 and is finding early success as pressure mounts for corporates to take action around wellbeing. TV personality and wellbeing expert Scott Bidmead rolled out the software and app solution last month, and has already partnered with global organisations. The former Chairman of Headspace […]

Boosting Wellbeing in the Workplace with Positive Psychology

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Satisfied and happy employees are more likely to trust their supervisors, comply with company rules and regulations, provide suggestions to improve the organisation, help their co-workers, and work cooperatively as a team to achieve group goals.