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Aussie Tech Start-up Launches World First Solution to Measure and Increase Wellbeing

Aussie Tech Start-up Launches World First Solution to Measure and Increase Wellbeing

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Aussie funded tech start-up Euda, launched a world first solution during COVID-19 and is finding early success as pressure mounts for corporates to take action around wellbeing.

TV personality and wellbeing expert Scott Bidmead rolled out the software and app solution last month, and has already partnered with global organisations. The former Chairman of Headspace South Australia is well-versed in the space.

“Before COVID-19, in Australia presenteeism already cost more than $26 billion every year. Workplaces now have to cope with staff overwhelmed, low wellbeing and productivity levels and there is no clear solution*. Employees also feel they need to show care but don’t know how,” Bidmead said.

Euda is an integrated Coaching Software, used by Coaches and Wellbeing Managers to exists to help support their people and deliver online programs with ease. It was built for the growing number of workplaces and coaches that are in need of a tool to measure or support the wellbeing of their people.

“There has never before been a turnkey application and software which is backed by science and powered by AI, that can provide insights and action like Euda before,” Bidmead said.

Euda provides daily insights on wellbeing status and uses proven techniques to boost wellbeing, engagement, and productivity. It has incredible data-collecting power via heat maps and trends, and allows corporations to take action on their findings.

“Knowledge is power and if an organisation has these insights, they are empowered to make better decisions and get a solid temperature check on their workplace. We help employers to take a pre-emptive approach to support staff wellbeing and productivity and reduce presenteeism.”

Team members are reminded by the app to provide anonymous wellbeing data and feedback. They are then rewarded with meditations. The data then feeds into a heatmap dashboard where HR teams can view trends around wellbeing and productivity, filter anonymous messages and roll out expert programs based on their findings – these programs are delivered by a collection of global experts backed by Stanford.

Bidmead explained that users benefit from an empowered working experience through incentivised rewards and can also track how their wellbeing is progressing on an individual level, access meditations, voice their opinion anonymously through the app, and access programs.

“Euda is more than just another meditation app, it’s something that can be rolled out as an entire corporate wellbeing solution which measures and supports wellbeing. It is the missing link which gives coaches and HR teams the ability to get insights around emotive status and take informed action based on findings,” Bidmead said.

Euda launched with an online event last month supported by American musician Lauv. The start-up has already worked with corporate teams such as F45 and leading HR firms in Sydney. The solution is available to businesses with over 15 staff and the onboarding process is simple, connecting to hundreds of third party platforms and running off an accessible subscription based model.

Euda recently partnered with Beautiful Minds Australia – a mental health organisation which has been around for over 15 years, supporting 935 schools nationwide and is backed by Stanford.

CEO Marina Passalaris said Beautiful Minds and their team of 85 expert educators believe there is a huge need for Euda in workplaces around Australia.

“We feel that Euda gives people the opportunity to really tune into what is going on for them and their wellbeing,” Passalaris said.

“We have been testing the app on our staff and are happy with its functionality. This easy to use, daily tool is a missing piece in workplaces that we feel will really benefit business owners as they stay connected to the health and wellbeing of their team,” She said.

Co-Founder Josh Edgar explained that this really is a world first tech solution.

“The solution allows you to dabble in live data, presented on funky dashboards including heatmaps which is all AI driven. Based on findings you can roll out tailor made programs, developed by some of the best minds in the world,” Edgar said.