The New Age of Holistic Wellness

We’ve all heard of terms like ‘wellbeing’ and ‘wellness’ before, but since the rise of technology and at-home working, wellness has branched out and evolved with us. Here are some of the key wellbeing terms you should be familiar with today: What is Wellbeing? Well-being is a holistic approach, embracing physical, mental, and emotional aspects […]

Navigating Stress with Euda: Just Breathe

Stress is a universal challenge, often lodging itself in our physical and emotional spaces much like an unwelcome guest. Fundamentally, stress is our body’s mechanism for handling pressures, whether they’re emotional, physical, or mental. Instances that disrupt us, like public speaking, near-accidents, job changes, or personal conflicts can all lead to stress. This temporary but […]

Demystifying ISO 45003 for a Healthier Workplace

Since its unveiling on June 8, 2021, ISO 45003 has stirred a flurry of discussion on digital WHS platforms, prompting leaders and organisations to question the implications of this pioneering global mental health standard. Curious minds often ponder, “What defines ISO 45003?”, “Why prioritise it?”, “Is compliance mandatory?”, and “How does it gel with current […]