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How To Pitch a Corporate Wellness Program 

How To Pitch a Corporate Wellness Program 

Having a corporate wellness program within your organisation is just as important as having loyal customers. Some would even say a road to loyal customers is paved with loyal employees. According to the research, employees are more likely to stay in a workplace that cares about workplace wellbeing than one that doesn’t. 

Are you tired of your organisation not considering your mental and physical health? Do you wish there was a corporate wellness program? You may be an employer hoping to improve the wellbeing of their workplace and need help figuring out where to start. 

All you need to do is follow the steps below and pitch the corporate wellness program to your bosses. 

Be Aware of What’s Important to Your Company

What are the priorities? What are the values of the business?

Before you even start making a pitch to your management, it is important to be aware of what the priorities of the business are. If the business focuses on increased productivity, engagement or satisfaction, then integrating the priorities and values within the pitch will grab the attention of management. It will also show them how the proposed idea is aligned with the organisational values. 

You can also measure the wellbeing of your employees beforehand and allow them to see the organisation’s current state that needs an overdue change.

Share the Benefits 

Show them the benefits you will achieve by implementing the needed changes. It is important to be aware that you are not only allowing them to understand the benefits employees will gain from the implementation process but also the benefits the employer will gain. Some of the benefits you can add to your pitch may include the following:

  • Achieving better employee satisfaction will result in increasing productivity within the workplace. 
  • When employees are mentally and physically healthy, the morale within the workplace will increase. 
  • Satisfied employees are less likely to request sick days or seek better opportunities elsewhere. 
  • Potential safety risks will be minimised as the workplace environment will be focused on employee wellness which will also help in the reduction of future costs,
  • Stress levels will be reduced within the workplace, improving team performance. This will also help the overall quality of the work being produced. 
  • Lastly, having extraordinary wellness programs allows a company to attract new talent. They could be put under the benefits section for hiring procedures, which will also provide a positive image to the company. 

Allow Them to See the Success Stories and Give Examples

When pitching your corporation this program, it is also important to ensure you provide your management with the knowledge that other companies have succeeded in going down the same path. Show them how other companies have gained success in the implementation of the wellness program. It is also helpful to provide some statistics to research.

A comparison can be made before and after the implementation and consideration of workplace wellbeing by other companies. Also, reinforcing the benefits they will achieve as a “fun to work” reputation company will make your pitch stronger and more desirable.

Let Them Know How It Will Save Them Money

The decision-making process highly depends on the financial aspects of the program. Ensuring the financial element is added to the pitch is crucial. Showing the management that spending a little money now will allow them to save huge amounts in the future. 

You can also mention how wellness programs will benefit employers and employees financially. With the wellness program being implemented, the unhealthy habits of employees will be eliminated, including tobacco use which is one of the continuous causes of spending money among employees.

Provide Them With an Action Plan and What to Do Next

It is becoming increasingly important to ensure employees’ wellness is maintained. Do your research before you suggest the best wellness programs for your organisation. You must also ensure the overall values and culture align with your wellness program. It is recommended to give several options on what wellness programs can be used and implemented.

Pitching the corporate wellness program to your management, in the beginning, might be overwhelming. However, if done right, by following the steps above, you and your company can benefit from the short and long-term benefits it provides.