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Superpowers for Teams

Superpowers for Teams

Superpowers for Teams

Product description

Take this course and you'll increase productivity, boost engagement and set your team free to do more of their best work.
This Superpowers for Teams course is 6 weeks packed with activities and resources to show you and your team how to identify their natural talents and start to turn them into strengths.  

This course includes:

  • 6 hours of on-demand video
  • Dozens of downloadable worksheets and resources
  • 4 FREE codes to take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment
  • Full lifetime access
  • Individual access granted for each registered participant
  • Access on mobile, tablets, desktop and SmartTV
  • Certificate of completion
  • One hour of live group coaching with a Strengths Academy facilitator


How well are your teams doing right now? 

Imagine if they were doing more of what they naturally do well. Imagine if they were coming to work feeling empowered and excited. Imagine if they had superpowers to do their work. Imagine if you had superpowers to do your work every day.What kind of a difference do you think that would make to the energy and morale and the culture?

Worldwide, only 13% of employees are actively engaged in their work.

13%! I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of room for improvement there.And it starts with empowering people to do more of the work that they enjoy and find ways to enjoy the work that they do.This is why we created Superpowers for Teams.

For years we’ve been working with teams and audiences and showing them how to identify their natural talent and Strengths. And also how to turn them into superpowers. I know what you’re thinking… Superpowers? I'd just be happy with getting out of bed and looking forward to work. Or maybe you love what you do and you wish that other team members felt the same way?

Perhaps you’re a great leader or manager and you’re looking for ways to improve productivity, and for your team to have more fun at work.

This course will help you do that.

By the end of this six-week course, you and your team will know their natural talents and strengths, know each other‘s natural talents and strengths, know how to use them to be more successful in your work and in your life,

You’ll set goals for yourselves and for the team and you’ll learn how to check in with each other and coach each other regularly.

3X more likely to have an excellent quality of life

People who know and use their strengths are three times more likely to say they have an excellent quality of life, six times more likely to be engaged at work and 8% more productive just by taking survey and finding out what their strengths are..

6X more likely to be engaged at work.

People who know and use their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged at work and 8% more productive just by taking survey and finding out what their strengths are.

8% more productive.

People who find out what their strengths are up to 8% more productive, just by taking assessment.

When I joined a national team a few years ago the first thing they asked me to do was to take an assessment to identify my natural talents and strengths. Well, everything changed for me when I identified why I’m so impatient, why I start lots of things and never finish them. It's because I’ve got this talent called Activator. Activator loves to jump the gun and leap before it looks. And in a team that can dangerous because other people's work and deadlines are at risk, not just mine.

Now I know how to turn down that impatient Activator, and we have processes in place for my team to check my work before it goes out into the public. I also know that I need to involve other people when decision-making and that that not everything is a race, and not everything needs to be done now. It’s made all the difference for us and I want to show you how to do that, too.

What you and your team are going to learn in this course is:

  • Your natural talents and strengths and how they make you unique

  • How to use your individual strengths 

  • How to work as a team and capitalise on your collective strengths 

  • How to coach each other to use your strengths

  • How to recognise and celebrate each others contributions 

What’s so good about that is, by the time your team finishes this course, you'll all be able to:

  • Do more of your best work
  • Approach your work with ease, excellence and joy
  • Support each other through work-life challenges
  • Strategically set goals and approach projects with a strengths-based method that uses everyone's talents and strengths
  • Develop a culture of talent and performance

And ultimately, you will have a positive psychology-based language rooted in performance that you can use every day to have great conversations about how to approach your work and your projects and your challenges to create more success with more ease, excellence and joy.

Ready to get started with your team?

Let's identify the unique talents and strengths of you and your team and learn how to use them to accelerate your success – whatever success means for your team.


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