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The New Age of Holistic Wellness

The New Age of Holistic Wellness

We’ve all heard of terms like ‘wellbeing’ and ‘wellness’ before, but since the rise of technology and at-home working, wellness has branched out and evolved with us. Here are some of the key wellbeing terms you should be familiar with today:

What is Wellbeing?

Well-being is a holistic approach, embracing physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our lives. Factors such as technology, nutrition, sleep, work environments, and physical activity play pivotal roles in shaping our wellness journey.

Tech-Driven Well-being

The surge in smartwatches, health apps, and fitness trackers underscores how technology is bolstering our wellness ambitions. These devices do more than nudge us to move; they monitor sleep, detect potential health anomalies, and even offer resources for mental well-being, such as apps designed to manage anxiety or facilitate therapy. Euda incorporates these real time metrics into our native app so you’re able to check in with your personal goals.

Restorative Nights

Quality sleep is vital. Contrary to the trends of thriving on minimal sleep, it’s crucial to embrace practices that give you restful nights. Recommendations include avoiding screens before bedtime, engaging in mindfulness, eschewing stimulants, and creating a serene environment. Can’t fall asleep? Bedtime podcasts or guided meditation might be your answer.

Workplace Wellness

Forward-thinking organisations understand that employee well-being correlates with productivity. While having a gym at work is a perk some enjoy, others can seek wellness by taking walks during breaks, embracing the outdoors while working from home, or lunching at a nearby park. Try to offer and engage in at least one ‘wellness perk’ at your workplace.

Nutritional Well-being

Nutritional well being is all about giving your body the fuel it needs to be healthy and energised throughout the day. Our pantry choices reflect the growing trend of inclusive eating: oat milk’s popularity, gluten-free alternatives, and a focus on natural, whole foods. At the same time, there’s a shift towards non-alcoholic beverages. Moderation, not restriction, is key, and occasionally choosing non-alcoholic options can also benefit us.

Dive deep into wellness with Euda’s tailored courses. Whether you’re just starting or seeking to enhance your wellness journey, Euda offers something for everyone. Sign up now and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health.