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What are the Advantages of Virtual Corporate Wellness Workshops?

What are the Advantages of Virtual Corporate Wellness Workshops?

Virtual corporate wellness workshops are a modern way of approaching wellness that provides opportunities and assistance to take care of employees in terms of their mental and physical health. Virtual wellness workshops refer to the usage of technology and conducting workshops through the internet. The location of the speaker is no longer an issue, which is the main restraint of traditional workshops.

The demand for virtual workshops has increased over the years considering it is one of the most cost-effective methods to hold workshops. Companies can accomplish their workshop goals anytime, from anywhere. These wellness workshops help organisations and companies to grow and resolve employee issues. Some of the issues can be workplace burnout or lack of motivation. 

Very similar to traditional workshops, virtual corporate wellness workshops can be personalised and customised based on the needs and desires of a company. This ensures all the requirements of a company are being met and the workshop itself is helping the company grow. There are indeed some concerns regarding a virtual workshop, for example, the limitation of having a lack of face-to-face communication with the speaker. Nevertheless, these issues can be addressed and resolved with careful modification and through detailed feedback gained from the employees who are participating in these workshops. 

Cost Savings

Small businesses are one of the groups that can benefit significantly from virtual corporate wellness workshops. Small businesses have limited budgets for conducting traditional wellness workshops. However, they still have the eagerness to conduct workshops for the improvement of the business where the virtual option becomes very handy. Lack of funds does not become a major issue any more. Cost savings can be seen in terms of not having to pay for the travel expenses for the expert speaker who would be hired for the workshop. 

There are also additional benefits to virtual corporate wellness workshops, including the ability to be recorded and viewed again. This can be viewed by employees who may not be available on the day of the wellness workshop. A copy of the virtual workshop can be shared through email or a hard drive with employees so they don’t miss the valuable information from the workshop and still be able to gain from it.

Tips for Virtual Corporate Wellness Workshops

One of the major pieces of advice for every company is to design and deliver a workshop to employees that are highly relevant to their wants and needs. This can be done by collaborating with the expert speaker and informing them of the most relevant topics, for example, mental health and then other general topics. 

For virtual workshops, the technology being used must be double-checked before the workshop begins. This includes a projector, laptop, lights, internet connection and speakers. All technical aspects need to be checked to avoid any disruption that may take place during the virtual workshop. This would be the responsibility of the IT Manager in the company who will measure all the aspects, ensuring they are functional and a risk management plan is in place.

The participants in the virtual wellness workshops would want to switch off their phones and devices as a way to be respectful to the speaker. The phones and devices could either be switched off or put on silent mode. Also, the laptop or computer being used to project the display must have all the programs closed in the background. This is important and helps to avoid having any pop-up notifications during the virtual workshop. 

Time is also another factor that needs to be well addressed. The virtual corporate wellness workshop must not be conducted during the operational hours of the company since that can distract the company from serving the customers. The focus should only be on the workshop so the maximum amount of benefit can be yielded. 

Technology and Digital Tools 

Virtual corporate wellness workshops can be achieved through various digital platforms ranging from free to paid versions. Some of these platforms are Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex and Google Hangouts. Each platform has its own features and limitations. Based on the requirements of a company any of these options can be selected and used.

A bigger firm or a company would want to purchase the premium version of a digital platform, for example, the business plan for Zoom, $199/year, that can allow up to 300 attendees and a cloud stage of 5GB. This would be a more appropriate option for a company with a large number of employees. 

However, a basic free plan would work just fine for a small company, offering all the major and fundamental features. Businesses looking for cost-effective methods can benefit from these free options.

It is important to remember that the employees in the Virtual Corporate Wellness Workshops should have a basic understanding of the digital platform being used for the workshop. It will allow them to better participate and engage with the expert speaker for optimal outcomes.